David Krosting Sustainability Award

SVS presents our Annual David Krosting Sustainability Award at each year’s Harvest Celebration to a recipient who displays a strong commitment to Lemhi County’s triple bottom line: economy, community, and environment. The award is named in honor of the Bureau of Land Management Salmon Field Office manager who lost his battle with cancer in 2003. Dave challenged his employees and himself to consider not just how a project affected the environment, but also to look at community and economic benefits.

Click here for the 2017 David Krosting Sustainability Award nomination form

2017 Award Winner: Salmon Public Library

Previous Years’ Award Recipients

2016 Swift River Farm, Jessica McAleese & Jeremy Shreve

2015 David Lingle

2014 Beth Waterbury

2013 Bighorn Outfitters

2012 ESP Recycling

2011 Beyeler Ranches

2010 Lemhi County Humane Society

2009 Lemhi County Farmers Market

2008 Salmon Valley Honey