Forest Restoration

Salmon Valley Stewardship serves as coordinator for the Lemhi Forest Restoration Group, which originally formed in 2006.
In 2014, the group launched a website with detailed information about restoration projects at:



We hope that restoring forest stands to what more closely mirrors their condition before we started aggressively suppressing all fires creates a variety of benefits – ecological, economical, social. As a group, we’ve committed to monitoring results, involving students and regular citizens in on-the-ground science. This endeavor’s success so far has hinged on people who are willing to learn and raise questions collectively, spend time in the field together, and show respect for others and their ideas. The collaborative has a memorandum of understanding with the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

Some of the group’s work is highlighted in researcher Ann Moote’s May 2013 report “Closing the Feedback Loop” and in the Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership’s report “Collaborative Forest Restoration in Idaho.”


RussCopeWhat Do We Do?

  • We work collaboratively on projects on public and private lands that will restore forest health and create economic opportunities and benefit in Lemhi County.
  • We prioritize projects that will reduce the impact and risk of wildfire creating adverse impacts on the long-term ecological health of public and private lands and economic vitality of communities in Lemhi County.
  • We support defensible space and fire wise programs, and assist in the implementation of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
  • We are committed to sharing information between collaborative members and the public to increase shared understanding about forest restoration issues. To learn more about our recent and upcoming workshops, click here.


Participants represent a wide range of interests:

  • Idaho Conservation League
  • Lemhi County
  • North Fork Fire Department
  • Sustainable Northwest
  • Salmon Valley Stewardship
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Lost Trail Powder Mountain
  • Private Citizens and Homeowners
  • Bureau of Land Management – Salmon Field Office
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • Wild West Institute
  • Bighorn Outfitters
  • Lemhi County Economic Development Association