Local Foods

Salmon Valley Stewardship is proud to support a local foods movement in the Salmon River Region!


farmersmarketstill1-300x200Today, we import a frightening percentage of our food. Rising fuel prices remind us that returning to more self-sufficient practices is vitally important to our community. Strengthening the local food network has been a passion of Salmon Valley Stewardship since our inception. By convening the Salmon Local Foods group over the last 5 years, we enlisted the volunteer power necessary to begin changing what has become a broken food system and mitigating widespread community hunger using the resources we have within the community. This group, with leadership from SVS, has identified barriers and effectively knocked them down.


2014/2015 Salmon Local Foods Vision & Action Plan


Salmon Local Foods Group partners include: Lemhi County Farmers Market, University of Idaho Lemhi County Extension, Lemhi County Economic Development Association, the Sacajawea Center (home to Salmon’s community and kids’ gardens) Salmon High School, small farmers and food producers, restaurants, food bank representatives and faith-based organizations.


Salmon Local Foods Group’s accomplishments to date include:

  • Starting the Lemhi County Farmers Market, an economic incubator for start-up agriculture enterprises, and often for many seniors & disabled market vendors, their only source of income for the year (2008).
  • Starting a community garden (2010).
  • Starting the Backyard Agriculture Workshop Series, which helps to educate community members about growing home gardens, food preservation, cooking, and nutrition (2012).
  • Partnering with Salmon FFA on a county-wide fruit tree gleaning project, donating excess fruit to local food banks and offering education on food preservation techniques (2012).
  • Initiation of a SNAP (food stamp) program at the Lemhi County Farmers Market (2013).


In an effort to make the concept of growing foods for our local market a more understandable process, in June 2012, Salmon Valley Stewardship and other Salmon Local Foods Group members participated in a conference call with local and regional public health officials to distill the regulations surrounding the use of local produce and farm-fresh eggs in restaurants. SVS developed a document summarizing the findings of that meeting of public health representatives and local producers and restaurant owners. View the local foods report below:


Report – Strengthening the Local Food Network

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SVS sponsors the Lemhi County Farmers Market, started in 2009. During June through October, the Market gives food and fiber producers and their customers a chance to meet and interact.