Salmon Valley Stewardship’s Range Program focuses on the collection of vegetation and wildlife data on rangelands in Lemhi and Custer counties to better inform the management of working landscapes. SVS crews work with public land management agencies, ranching groups, and wildlife management agencies to collect vegetation and ground cover data. This data provides an idea of present rangeland condition, future rangeland health trends, and is used in the analysis of grazing permit renewals.




SVS also works in collaboration with Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Salmon-Challis National Forest, and the Bureau of Land Management to monitor the Greater Sage Grouse in the Lemhi Valley. Technicians use radio telemetry to track birds with radio collars to monitor seasonal sage grouse movement and habitat selection. In the summer months, range staff sample vegetation surrounding nests to better understand sage grouse and their nesting habitat.
In addition to helping public agencies keep up with their responsibility to monitor rangelands, SVS is dedicated to sharing information with ranchers and other interested members of the public, and learning from the vast amount of local knowledge in the area.

SageGrouse Eggs (1)Reading a transect (1)