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Highway 93 Trail Funding Honors Decades of Community Efforts

Salmon community members had been working on trails initiatives long before my family moved here in 2002. I remember attending a trails meeting in 2006, after I saw this inviting flyer.Trail-Open-House-Flier

We would get excited about progress, and then disappointed at setbacks. The City got a Safe Routes to School grant in 2007, complete with a part-time coordinator, and we thought we were really on the right track. Then a new City Council returned the funding to the State. Rats.

In 2010, Max Lohmeyer moved from the Grand Junction area to Salmon and opened a bike shop. The Bureau of Land Management brought Liz Townley to Salmon as their new recreation planner. With the help of Max and avid cyclists like Dave Lingle, the BLM started focusing on the Discovery Hill area just northeast of Salmon.

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