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Salmon Valley Stewardship’s Monitoring Program focuses on ​mentoring young professionals and bolstering skill sets for careers in the natural resources restoration economy. Our crews work across the central Idaho region collecting ​vegetation and wildlife data to better inform the management of working landscapes.

Stewarding public lands

Federal and state agencies rely on natural resource monitoring on our public lands in order to inform and adapt land management decisions. SVS’ Monitoring Program partners with agencies to fill monitoring gaps and collect data to be ​used in the analysis of grazing permit renewals, prioritization of restoration projects, sustaining and restoring wildlife habitat, and determining conditions of our rangeland and forest systems. ​Field data collected by SVS crews will be used by agencies to manage our public lands to maintain and restore resilient ecosystems our community depends on economically and recreationally.

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Fostering the next generation of stewards

This program provides jobs for young professionals, teaching valuable skills that has enabled them to be more competitive in their fields. Over 96% have gone on to a career in natural resources! Interns learn about the field of natural resources and the possibility of having an awesome career working outdoors in land stewardship.


SVS field crews work on a variety of projects, gaining valuable field skills in plant identification and different survey techniques. Staff learn how to ​sample vegetation to better understand sage grouse and their nesting habitat, ​inventory aspen health and distribution, determine rangeland conditions and trends, and survey forest conditions.


SVS crews work in collaboration with Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Salmon-Challis National Forest, and the Bureau of Land Management. Other partners have included US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Forest Foundation, Central Idaho Rangelands Network, and the University of Idaho.

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