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Join Idaho Fish and Game and SVS!

Milkweed-Monarch Monitoring Partnership Program

Salmon Valley Stewardship and Idaho Fish and Game are partnering again this summer to continue momentum towards a regular, repeated effort to document milkweed patches, survey for monarch adults and larvae as well as collect data on the “health” of milkweed patches in Lemhi County. With over 140+ different sites to monitor, we are working together with IDFG staff, SVS interns and community volunteers to assess the habitat and population of both milkweed and monarchs throughout our valley.   

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Volunteer Registration
Now-May 15th

Anyone interested in volunteering with this program must fill out our Volunteer Form, no later than May 15th. If you are volunteering with a friend or family and will be visiting sites together, you can register together as one unit.  

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Volunteer Training 
June 7th, 2024;  1-4pm

All volunteers are required to participate in our Milkweed and Monarch Monitoring Training. During the training, volunteers learn how to use the Survey123 app, follow monitoring protocols, sign up for milkweed sites, and participate in a brief hands-on field trip.  While many of our volunteers are adults, we also are excited to engage younger citizen scientists who are eager to participate! This program is a great way for kids to learn about place-based ecology, habitat conservation and basic monitoring skills! 


All volunteer training takes place in the beginning of June, although we try and accommodate when schedules overlap.  

Volunteers must be able to access their sites independently and have access to a smart phone or tablet to download and use the monitoring program app called Survey123.   

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Volunteer Commitment

Each milkweed site must be monitored 3 times throughout the season.  The date ranges to complete your site visit include the following:

  • First site visit:  July 1- July 15 

  • Second site visit: July 16-July 31

  • Third site visit:  August 1- August 15

As you can see, your volunteer commitment can be as minimal or as extensive as you like, depending on the number of sites you sign up for!  At the minimum, you will be asked to monitor one site, three times throughout the season.  If you sign up for more sites, then you may just find yourself as busy as a bee!  

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Volunteer Resources

SVS also has many resources for our citizen science volunteers! We have clipboards, measuring sticks, portable ID guides, hand lens, and more. We want to help make this year's Monitoring Program as fun and successful as possible. 

Ready to volunteer?

Please fill out our form to start the process!

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