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Sustainable Food Systems

We are in the process of developing our Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program, with the overall mission to support, enhance, and celebrate our local food system. Whether it is engaging in the conservation of diverse and connected native pollinator habitats or supporting the next generation of producers through on the ground training, education and resources, we are committed to a shared and equitable food future for our region.    

If this gets your wings fluttering, we totally understand and would love your support!  Stay tuned for more information. 

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our recent Salmon-Challis Comprehensive Food Assessment, completed in the fall of 2022.  This is a road map to where we are and the many exciting and possible directions we could go as we explore our food system.



See below to check out our Pollinator Pathway art installation that also served as a catalyst for this exciting direction. 

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