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Hands on the Land

Ready. Set. Explore. 

In 2012, the Bureau of Land Management established Salmon as a Hands on the Land site. Hands on the Land is a nationwide program that enriches learning with outdoor education opportunities. Each year, Salmon Valley Stewardship works closely with the BLM, the Salmon School District and other community partners to engage our next generation of stewards.  Click on the photos to learn more about our activities. 

Art and Education
Stream of Dreams

The Salmon community has a rich fishing culture that spans generations. From those who fished for sustenance, to sportsmen who gather with friends and families, to area business women and men who rely on the economic impact of thriving fisheries.  As our lives keep moving at a faster pace and seem to be further removed from our natural world, it is important to keep our fishing cultures alive by connecting them with younger generations.

This project was an opportunity to work with students, community partners, educators, and volunteers to show off our salmon and steelhead legacy!  The project was two-fold: to educate students in the Salmon schools about fish, migration, life cycles, riverine ecosystem, and the importance of our watershed; and to create a beautiful dimensional fish mural on the cyclone fences bordering the school grounds along Hwy. 93 South. The mural included over 500 hand painted, life size fish that continues to be an impressive sight, defining our community and welcoming travelers!

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Pollinator Pathway

The Pollinator Pathway Project was coordinated by SVS and implemented with help from local volunteers, students, the Salmon School District and The O’Hara Commons (based in Hamilton, MT). The Project engaged students from K-8 in pollinator education lessons, describing and showing the important roles of pollinators in our ecosystem and food systems. Local artist Cheryl Mihalka helped children artfully paint wooden cutouts of birds, bees, and moths, which she spun into the beautiful mural now hanging beside Pioneer Elementary School, located across from the Stream of Dreams project on Highway 93 South.

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Pollinator Pathway
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