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New Website, New Outlook

Recently, Salmon Valley Stewardship received a digital makeover and may now walk tall in this high tech, modern world with a new, eclectic website. We had the pleasure of working with The Richland Group, a company based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, who donated their time to create a fresh look for our impressive organization. The Richland Group is a web design and digital marketing firm. The company is unique in the Fort Smith area – their focus in on Internet communication. They design and build your website and they create and execute a traffic building marketing plan to grow your business.

Cheslea Harper

Cheslea Harper, Editor

Are you thinking to yourself, why did a company from Arkansas help a non-profit in Idaho? Good question.

We hired Madison Harper onto our team in August 2015 after she was an intern for SVS and Lemhi Regional Land Trust. She is our conservation fellow, who has helped with our Lemhi Forest Restoration Collaborative Group, Public Lands Planning and any task you throw her way. Madison was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas and her folks started The Richland Group in 1998.

Our overall experience with The Richland Group has been filled with friendly conversations, inquisitive emails and impressive results. We are thrilled to have our new website up and running! We would like to graciously thank Mark, Cheslea, Jordan, Rham, Hannah and Ashley for all their hard work on the Salmon Valley Stewardship website.

Mark Harper

Mark Harper, CEOThe Richland Group has an open invitation to come and explore Salmon, Idaho! Come join us for a mountain bike ride or a float on The Salmon River.

For more information on The Richland Group’s work check out their website.

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