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Welcome Olivia Sasaki, Our 2016 Whitman Intern

Hello! My name is Olivia Sasaki, and I’m from La Crosse, Wisconsin where I enjoy hiking in the beautiful bluffs lining the Mississippi river and eating lots of ice cream and cheese. I just finished my junior year at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington where I am a Biology major and a Math minor. After graduation I hope to travel for a bit and maybe teach English abroad before going back to school and earning a teaching degree.

Olivia Sasaki, 2016 Whitman College Intern

I’ve always loved the community aspects of school, so I’m eager to learn more about community outreach and engagement as well as biology, my favorite subject, this summer! Getting to spend the whole summer in the gorgeous Salmon Valley area isn’t too bad either…I’m excited to learn more about how the Salmon community navigates sustaining its economy while conserving the beautiful local environment!

Some projects I’ve started on are the Baling Twine Recycling Project, Trailapalooza, and the Salmon Bike Challenge, and I’m excited to take on more. Thank you so much to Salmon Valley Stewardship and the Lemhi Regional Land Trust for this fantastic opportunity!

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