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Our Internship Program

SVS’s internship program has been running since 2013, hosting over 24 interns. SVS and other Salmon organizations work together to achieve conservation on public and private lands, holding firm to the belief that conservation values and community values must be considered together. Our internship is designed to provide students with a sense of how this blend of conservation and community values looks on the ground through a variety of activities and strategies that community-based organizations engage in.

SVS partners with several organizations to provide a robust perspective on public lands management, private lands conservation, community agriculture, and community led initiatives.

Our interns work on a variety of projects, connecting and learning from natural resources professionals and research projects with the Lemhi Regional Land Trust, Swift River Farm, Salmon-Challis National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and various community organizations.

These projects have included:

  • Ecological monitoring on public land forest and rangelands

  • Sagegrouse habitat monitoring

  • Aspen health & distribution inventories

  • Timber & forest health surveys

  • Riparian vegetation surveys

  • Bighorn sheep tracking

  • Ecological monitoring of conservation easements

  • River and creek restoration

  • Salmon School Garden Project

  • Non-profit administration, outreach, grant writing and fundraising events

  • Documenting sections of the Continental Divide Trail

  • Trailwork Community workshops

  • Baling twine recycling and osprey surveys

  • Pollinator habitat education and outreach

  • Community science design for aspen monitoring

  • Pollinator Glasswork

  • & Many More

A Variety of Projects

Where are they from?


Why intern with SVS?

Our interns come from all across the United States and we have been fortunate to cultivate some long lasting educational partnerships with several universities over the years.  In fact, we are excited for our 9th year of hosting Whitman College interns and the 3rd year of hosting Reed College interns! 


In addition, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and US Fish and Wildlife Service have previously provided funding for local high school and college level interns.

The point is..... the sky is the limit! ​​Check your college for funding sources and internship support. We’d love to have you work with us!

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Where are they now?

​Are exploring a career working in the outdoors and want to gain experience from professionals who have decades of experience and advice?

Whether you want to gain skills for careers in natural resources, bolster your resume and college applications, learn about the non-profit sector in rural communities, or gain a better understanding of the connections between healthy ecology and healthy, vibrant communities, you will be part of a mentored work experience aimed at being the “stepping stone” to your future career.

Interested in being an intern with SVS?

Contact Jenny with any questions!

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