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A Sage Grouse Poem, Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Vicki VanSickle is our preeminent sage grouse blogger. Vicki says, “This is obviously inspired by my favorite book as a child, Dr. Seuss’  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  I tried to get my mom to read it to me every night.  I still have the old beat up book.”

One sage grouse

Two sage grouse

I have seen you on your nest

I have seen you as you flush

I have seen you on the lek

I have seen you with your chicks

How many places I have seen you trek?

Still you are a mystery in a vast land

You are inseparable from your sagebrush

You move about from here to there, from there to here

We watch you and wonder why

We may never know we just sigh

We salute your endurance

Yes, we are trying to help

I know there is no assurance

It would be great to pull it off

Time will tell as it always does

When we look back I hope we’re all abuzz

Three sage grouse

Four sage grouse

My how many sage grouse there are!

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