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Our mission

 Thriving rural communities rely on a strong connection between the health of their natural resources and the strength of their economies. Our mission is to promote a sustainable economy and productive working landscapes here in the Salmon River region of Central Idaho.  We envision a community where stewardship of the natural resources is at the core of the social, economic and ecological vitality of the region

Our history

Since 2004, Salmon Valley Stewardship has prided itself on being a community resource with an open door to feedback and conversation. Our staff and volunteer members welcome those tough conversations around topics that represent what we care most about in our community: working together to put local wisdom to use, building trust, working with others so that kids have a better chance to grow up to find jobs here and raise families of their own.

We look forward to working with our community for years to come. 

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stewardship. education. community. 

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